“In 2011, Dr. Pawan Sinha, a professor of vision and computational neuroscience at M.I.T., published his answer to an almost-four-hundred-year-old philosophical problem. The philosopher William Molyneux, whose wife was blind, had proposed a thought experiment in the seventeenth century about a person, blind from birth, who could tell apart a cube and a sphere by touch: If his vision were restored and he was presented with the same cube and sphere, would he be able to tell which was which by sight alone?”

Vienmēr esmu brīnījies, ka tik daudz cilvēku rindā pirms manis pērk divlitrīgos aliņus un 3-in-1 kafijas paciņas pa vienai vai trim. Aliņš tādā tilpumā laikam ir labs, jo ir daudz un lēts (taču ātri atšālējas), bet kafija, savukārt, ir salda un krūzē nepaliek biezumi.

“On why you don’t need the Start Menu in Windows…. 90% of the time, you shouldn’t have to enter the start menu anyway to launch a program. Your main programs should be pinned to your task bar for faster access. We did a lot of research on usage patterns for users. Well over 90% of the time, users use less than 10 core programs in their day to day tasks. Searching should only be used in that rare <10% time where something isn’t in your core group of programs.”
“A few weeks ago, and way late to the game, I started listening to podcasts. Of the several I’ve heard so far, the ones I enjoyed have included Horace Dediu’s “The Critical Path“, Benedict Evans’s “Cubed“, Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess’s “Technical Difficulties” and Shawn Blanc’s “The Weekly Briefly“. The ones I’ve disliked have included John Gruber’s “The Talk Show” and Marco Arment’s “Accidental Tech“.”

Rasmus Lerdorf on the history of PHP.

“People love me. Why? Because I’m fun. I’m the life of the party. I bring levity to any situation. Need to soften the blow of a harsh message about restroom etiquette? SLAM. There I am.”
Riding my electric Untitled vehicle.
“There is a great saying, related to this theme: “Startups don’t fail, they just run out of money.” It seems spot-on in the multiple-pivot environment. One fantastic example of this is Adchemy. Here’s the very long headline from the 24 Nov 2013 Business Insider story about the company: “After 6 Different Business Models And $120 Million In Funding, This Adtech Startup Thinks It’s Figured Out The Next Wave Of Search”. Yup, $120m will fund a lot of pivots…and eventually even the blind squirrel will find a nut!”
“The second improvement is that they have upgraded to using high-quality Samsung 18650-format cells. The system uses 36V, which is much better than the old standard of 24V for 250W (which is rarely seen anymore). The 10.4-Ah size is adequate, especially since the switch to using a mid drive will lower the peak amp-draws on hills. The Samsung cells are very good news, because the battery pack is one of the places where entry-level E-bikes often cut corners by using the cheapest possible cells, leading to a bad first experience for new E-bikers…”
“Based on peek to datasheets, 84 does not have the PLL (phase locked loop) unit that could be used to multiply the 8 MHz oscillator to get higher clock speeds. So while ATtiny84 will work, you’ll need an external crystal (e.g. 12 MHz) with it.”