AllSee: Bringing Gesture Recognition to All Devices (via

“It is not uncommon, in the context of academic debates over computer science and Web standards topics, to see the publication of one or more “considered harmful” essays. These essays have existed in some form for more than three decades now, and it has become obvious that their time has passed. Because “considered harmful” essays are, by their nature, so incendiary, they are counter-productive both in terms of encouraging open and intelligent debate, and in gathering support for the view they promote. In other words, “considered harmful” essays cause more harm than they do good.”
“On Dec. 31, I had 46,315 unread emails in my inbox. On my first day back to work in the new year, I had zero. No, I didn’t spend two weeks replying to all those messages. I deleted them — without reading a single one — and declared what is known as email bankruptcy.”

FIRST FLIGHT OF THE PHANTOM (by Nicolas Doldinger)

“template won’t let you do that thing you want to do because when you designed that template you didn’t know you’d ever want to do that thing.”
“Designers, it is our responsibility to give deep thought to how content will be created, how it will be managed by way of whatever CMS has been chosen, and how it will be sustained over the long-term.”
“If your finger was the size of the planet Earth, it could feel the difference between houses and cars.”

Kaut kur interneta dzīlēs pavīdēja joks, ka vajadzētu uztaisīt un izvietot arī zīmes «Pieejami radioviļņi». AKKA/LAA šajā gadījumā varētu nākt ar iniciatīvu zīmei «Šeit tiek atskaņota fona mūzika».

(via Wi-Fi logo ir jauna seja un atļauja izmantot bez maksas)

“And Feynman takes me aside, rather conspiratorially, and says: “Look, I just want to ask you one thing: how did you know rule 30 would do all this crazy stuff?” “You know me,” I said. “I didn’t. I just had a computer try all the possible rules. And I found it.” “Ah,” he said, “now I feel much better. I was worried you had some way to figure it out.””

Custom Cables & Guide to Crimping PCB Interconnect Cables (by Derek Molloy)

“Each time, I pulled out my iPhone, not the GX1, then shot, edited, and broadcasted the photo within minutes. As I’ve become a more network-focussed photographer, I’ve come to love using the smartphone as an editing surface; touch is perfect for photo manipulation. There’s a tactility that is lost when you edit with a mouse on a desktop computer.”